The purpose of a website is to promote your business.

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A website is the most important marketing and communications tool for a company. We design and implement Finland’s best websites for companies and other organisations. A high-quality website produces more results in an even more cost-effective way.

Website as a growth enabler

High-quality website provides selected target group with the information they need and the means to consume it. Regardless of the size and industry of the company, a website increases the demand for the company in multiple ways:

  • more users
  • more pages browsed during the visit
  • longer duration of visits
  • an increase in the number of contacts, requests for quotations and sales.

We implement ideas into ready-made web services, starting from service design and definition, up until maintenance and further development. We assemble a team of top specialists in various areas of website design and implementation on a project-by-project basis. Our article (written in Finnish) discusses about how the price of a webservice consists.

How is a website created? 

1. Project planning

Kickoff, scheduling, teams and familiarisation, responsibilities, project management tools, and meeting practices.

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2. Service design and definition

What is being done, why and how? Verification of objectives, possible research, customer insights, content, page templates and functionalities, technical specification and boundary conditions.

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3. User experience (UX)

What does the use of the website feel like, how are users guided towards the desired actions, and how does the planned service meet the needs of the user?

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4. User interface (UI)

What does the website look like? The user interface is one of the most essential parts of the user experience of the web service. The first impression of a site is generated in 50 milliseconds.

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5. Software development

Software development is the cornerstone of digital service development. In our website projects, we mainly utilise the WordPress publishing system.

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6. Testing, finalisation, and publishing

In website projects, service testing in terms of both user interface and integrations plays an important role. Testing the performance of the service is also important. We don’t want to publish an unfinished site, do we?

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7. Further development and maintenance

Excellent website needs excellent care. In addition, it is important to analyse the functionality overall and in relation to the website goals, and to develop the service on the basis of the analysis.

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Intranet, extranet?

The bigger the website in question, the more often we run into the need of intranets or extranets. We design and implement customised solutions for these needs as well.

Webpage integrations

Different integrations are a commonplace for us. Typically, in webpage projects integrations are reasonably simple thanks to modern interface solutions, but more challenging integrations in particular are close to our hearts. For e-commerce, integrations are often more complex interfaces to ERP systems. In the case of websites, we often talk about different CRM integrations (for example, MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot), when you want to store information about contact forms in a CRM system and bring users into the scope of marketing automation.

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