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We design and implement online stores that promote our customers’ business. When designing webstores, it is important to understand current and potential users, get the right kind of visitors to your site, and meet the needs of users as clearly and straightforwardly as possible.

We create webstores that are completely tailored to the customer’s needs and wishes. In e-commerce projects, we mostly utilise WordPress publishing system and its WooCommerce extension.

Below are the steps in our e-commerce projects which are individually tailored to the needs of each of our customers. Read about the price of online stores here. Before the start, the customer needs to, of course, tender the implementor.

How to build a webstore?

We create webstores in their entirety, all the way from service design and specification to maintenance and further development. We assemble a team of top experts in the design and implementation of online stores on a project-by-project basis.

1. Project planning

Kickoff, scheduling, teams and familiarisation, responsibilities, project management tools, and meeting practices.

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2. Service design and definition

What is being done, why and how? Verification of objectives, possible research, customer insights, content, page templates and functionalities, technical specification and boundary conditions.

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3. User experience (UX)

What does the use of the website feel like, how are users guided towards the desired actions, and how does the planned service meet the needs of the user?

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4. User interface (UI)

What does the website look like? The user interface is one of the most essential parts of the user experience of the web service. The first impression of a site is generated in 50 milliseconds.

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5. Software development

Software development is the cornerstone of digital service development. In our website projects, we mainly utilise the WordPress publishing system.

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6. Testing, finalisation, and publishing

In website projects, service testing in terms of both user interface and integrations plays an important role. Testing the performance of the service is also important. We don’t want to publish an unfinished site, do we?

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7. Further development and maintenance

Excellent website needs excellent care. In addition, it is important to analyse the functionality overall and in relation to the website goals, and to develop the service on the basis of the analysis.

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Our expertise

What expertise do we have in designing and implementing quality webstores? Service design and definition in particular play a major role.

You can read a summary of all our expertise here.

Our other services

We build better web services designed to accelerate our customers’ business. In addition, we provide comprehensive digital marketing services to help your webstore reach its full potential.