Further development and maintenance of the website is essential.

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verkkosivut ylläpidossa verkkosivujen ylläpitoa

We provide maintenance, further development and support services for websites, webstores, and other web services. We know the typical challenges of doing things and are used to solving them.

The most laborious phase of designing and implementing a web service for a customer typically begins only after publication. Content needs to be updated and preferably created continuously. Performance must be monitored. New page templates, content modules, forms, counters, maps, and other new functionalities are needed. The functionality and security of the website must be ensured with continuous technical maintenance.

So, there is plenty to do. How can these activities be implemented effortlessly? Annoyingly enough, often not really in any way.

We solve your maintenance and development challenges

We know the typical challenges of doing things and are used to solving them. Typical challenges for the maintenance and further development of a web service include:

  • The publishing system is cumbersome to implement or otherwise difficult to use
  • Technical maintenance has been neglected and the website is unstable and unsafe
  • Content formatting is used poorly or not at all, and the content is degrading
  • The process of maintenance and development is tough and tedious, which hinders the implementation
  • Maintenance pricing is unclear and expensive
  • The partner responds slowly or not at all
  • There is no proactive view of the website development

Find out more about our services and pricing. We are also happy to maintain and develop services other than those we built ourselves.

Content of the maintenance service

The technical maintenance of the web service could be called a monthly health check of the service. During the inspection, the necessary updates will be made and if anything is skewed, it will be fixed. The purpose of maintenance is to ensure the functionality of the various parts of the web service:

  • Publishing platform
  • Functionalities such as forms and counters
  • System Add-ons
  • Integrations
  • Security

Once the maintenance has been carried out with high quality, the web service can be used and developed efficiently. An unstable and insecure web service is a risk and does not fulfill its purpose as the main tool for marketing, communications and sales.

The price of the maintenance service

We offer technical maintenance of the web service publishing system as a continuous service, in which case the price is typically 125 € / month. The price is based on a workload of about 1 to 1.5 hours per month.

If a need for more time-consuming repairs arises during the maintenance, their implementation will be agreed separately. These may include, for example, changes to integrations if the third-party system has changed its interfaces.

The workload and cost of maintaining larger web services, such as business-critical webstores, is higher and will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. However, even for larger services, the typical price is only a few hundred euros per month and is based on the amount of work required for maintenance.

Further development of the web service

When a web service is developed systematically, it works better on all metrics and produces more reliable results. The development takes into account the perspectives of both the web service administrator and the user. If necessary, we also provide insight on search engine optimisation and digital marketing solutions, among others.

1. Customer defined needs

  • The customer makes an assignment for the further development of their web service.
  • Based on the assignment, we will write a more detailed technical description of the content of the work and give the client an offer for the work.
  • When a client accepts the work, we confirm the schedule and implement the work. Typically, this is done within days of receiving the assignment.
  • We will provide the customer with a link to the demo version of the web service, where the customer can check the updates and accept them for publication.
  • We report the content of the work done to the customer and invoice on a monthly basis.

2. Further development based on Into-Digital’s vision

With several of our customers, we utilise a working model in which the further development of the web service is guided and planned together. Our task is to critically evaluate and develop the customer’s wishes and to present our own recommendations.

  • For example, a monthly workshop identifies key areas for development. At the same time, the work done during the previous month is reviewed.
  • We write a more detailed technical description of the content of the work and give the client a fixed price offer for it.
  • When a client accepts a job, we confirm the schedule and implement the work.
  • We will provide a link to a demo version of the web service where the customer can review the updates and accept them for publication.
  • We report the content of the work done to the customer and invoice on a monthly basis.

The cost of further development

We offer work at an hourly rate.

We bill for further development on a monthly basis. At the end of the month, we submit a report on the work done and a billing summary for your approval.

Our hourly rate for maintenance and further development is 107 € (+ VAT 24%).

How to become our customer?

We make becoming our customer as easy and painless as possible.

1. Taking over the online service

Access to the required systems, mapping and description of the current digital environment, familiarisation, server migration and security updates, and deployment and testing of the publishing process.

2. Maintenance

Monthly version updates, add-on updates, security updates, and testing of all the previously mentioned.

3. Further development

Further development is carried out on a project basis at the initiative of either the customer or us. This development can, for example, include new functionalities or content modules.

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