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A web service only fulfills its purpose if it has sufficient users and usage. These can be effectively increased through digital marketing. In addition to the use of the web service, digital marketing has a positive effect on awareness and image of the company.

Targeting online brings visibility

Virtually basically everyone in the world is reached through digital media. However, different people use different platforms. Therefore, knowing the behavior of the target group is important. For example, young people prefer TikTok, women prefer Instagram, and B2B decision-makers can be found on LinkedIn.

Targeting on digital marketing can also be successful based on other criteria than those based on demographics (age, gender, location, etc.).

  • Search engine advertising is shown to users executing searches with certain keywords. Additionally, display ads can also be targeted based on keywords on the Google Network.
  • Social media services identify people who are interested in certain topics.
  • Targeting people who have already visited the online service (retargeting) will increase the frequency of ads showed cost-effectively.

In addition to reachability and precise targeting, the strengths of digital marketing include measurability. The results of digital marketing can be measured with digital media advertising management systems and with web analytics solution.

Focus areas of digital marketing

How to ensure that the right people end up performing the right activities at the right time on your web service?

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