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The software developers’ work for web service upgrades is typically larger than the workload of other roles. While from a customer perspective, the stage of technical implementation might not be the most exciting, the quality of the code will hugely impact the upcoming web service.

When we code, we know what we code. In the previous work phases, we have designed and planned, so the software development work phase is mainly a technical implementation for us.

The role of our developers in the different phases of the project

1. Service design and definition

When our service and user experience designers are wondering what to do, coding expertise is always present. It is important to be aware of and identify the boundary conditions regarding the ultimate implementation. Whether it’s a product filtering solution, a content module or integration. The role of our software developers is therefore great from the very beginning of the project.

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2. Prototypes

Our developers are tightly present in iterating the generated materials in both the wireframe and layout phases. With this procedure, we want to ensure that the plans are technically sound and, on the other hand, as flexible and of the highest quality as possible.

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3. Technical implementation

The technical implementation is, of course, a work phase where the responsibility is entirely transferred to our software developers. Without exception, the main developer, who designs, iterates, and programs, participates in the implementation. In addition, there is often at least one developer involved in the work phase, focusing purely on coding.

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4. Testing

There are many different areas involved in testing, such as user interface, functionalities, and integrations. Our software developers bear the main responsibility for testing, although our designers also scrutinise the user interface.

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5. Publishing

Our developers are responsible for publishing and actions related to it, such as redirects.

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6. Further development and maintenance

Almost all of the web services we implement are associated with a long-term customer relationship, which means, at least, regular web service upgrade measures. The main responsibility for maintenance thus lies with our software developers.

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Sprints and iteration

The software development phase of all our projects is carried out in sprints, which usually take five working days. The sprint includes the following steps:

  1. Head Developer plans the sprint tasks for himself and the other Developers
  2. Head Developer and Developer(s) code
  3. The Head Developer goes through the completed work and ensures the high quality
  4. Head Developer plans the next sprint and moves the necessary tasks that require further processing from the previous sprint to the next

The Sprint operating model during technical implementation ensures the rigorous progress, quality, and handling of any comments on a weekly basis. Sprints include Weekly Meetings both internally and with the client.

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