Conceptualisation, service design and definition produce results.

Our expertise Service design and conceptualisation

Concept design, service design and with them the technical definition are the most important steps in a successful website or e-commerce project. Planning what is being done, why, and how is at the heart of these steps.

Digital service design is a way of thinking, a process description, and a set of different tools which create user experiences that leave the user feeling thrilled.

  • Conceptualisation and service design: what is being done and why?
  • Technical specification: how to do it?

On the following pages, you will find out which two steps in the first phase of a web service project are important to complete. We provide these services both individually and, in most cases, as a combined service design and definition project.

Towards a profitable web service

Our belief is that the web service is the most important single marketing communications and even sales tool for companies and other organisations. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan what is being done in a web service project.

Our services

We design, implement, maintain, and develop small, medium, and large websites and webstores. According to our beliefs, a web service is the most important single marketing communications and often even a sales tool for a company or other organisation.

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