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A website or webstore is the most important marketing communications tool for a company or any other organisation, so it is advisable to use plenty of time and thought in designing it.

Digital service design is a way of thinking, a process description, and a set of different tools which create user experiences that leave the user feeling thrilled.

We create user-centric design. This means we emphasise identifying user needs and put them at the heart of our design. User-driven design, in turn, involves the user in the design process – it lets people themselves tell what they are doing.

The harvest of the design process

The following is a list of results that will be yield at least during our comprehensive design process.

  • Target group analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Content structure diagram
  • User paths
  • Use case examples
  • Wireframe prototype
  • Layout prototypes (mobile and desktop)

The steps in our design process

Conceptualisation and service design

The objective of concept and service design is to find out what should be done and why should it be done. Who are the users of the service and with whom do we compete with?

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User experience (UX)

User experience is the feeling that arises from using a web service. When the experience is positive, better results are achieved.

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User interface (UI)

Web service, which is pleasing to the eye, creates a positive feeling when used. The significance of the first impression is substantial in this case as well, and often enough, the user forms their first impression of the web service precisely on the basis of visuality.

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