Huge growth in online sales with diligent service design

Partio (The Guides and Scouts of Finland) is Finland’s largest youth organization with around 750 troops across Finland. Scouting is a hobby shared by around 65,00 children, young people and adults. Profits from the sale of The Guides and Scouts of Finland’s single most important method of fundraising – advent calendars – are used entirely on scouting, and the majority of it goes to the local scout troops that sell the calendars.

Increasing sales

Into-Digital designed and implemented an upgrade for The Guides and Scouts of Finland’s online service in the summer and autumn of 2019. The service was published in early October 2019 and the sale of calendars officially began on 15.10.2019.

The advent calendar is one of the Scouts’ most important individual methods of fundraising, so the goal of the upgrade was to further increase sales of the calendars. The implemented service also aimed to support the organization’s internal processes as well as calendar sales.

Analytics as part of service design

In order to increase sales, it was decided that an especially large amount of time would be spent on designing and implementing the purchasing path. The result was a clear and easy-to-use purchasing path, where the user can:

  • Purchase one or more calendars for themselves
  • Select more than one delivery address
  • Order calendars as gifts
  • Choose a scout troop to support
  • Select a payment method and complete payment

In addition to the digital purchasing experience, it was also desired for the online service to act as a more effective channel for finding physical calendar selling sites. The decision was made to implement a selling site search which conveniently lists all of the selling points and times listed by the troops themselves.

Analytics from the old service were utilized in the design of the new online service. We examined the content that users consumed the most and content that may no longer be worthwhile.

An updated gallery was added to the 2019 service, listing all of the past advent calendar illustrations in text and image format. The gallery was to be implemented more visually than before, to make browsing through old calendar illustrations more comfortable.

Into-Digital played an integral role

We were responsible for the overall online service project, from the initial workshop all the way through to publication and maintenance. The project phases included the following:

  • Service design and specification
  • User experience (UX) design
  • Content and content structure design
  • User interface and visual design (UI)
  • Technical design
  • Installation and deployment of publication system
  • Technical implementation
  • Implementation of functionalities
  • Integration with different systems
  • Payment interfaces
  • Design and implementation of visitor monitoring
  • Testing and publication
  • Work meetings and documentation
  • Project design and management
  • Online service maintenance

Collaboration continues

”The service is breaking all of our online sales records from previous years.”

Into-Digital would like to thank The Guides and Scouts of Finland and congratulate them on the new Collaboration is sure to continue thanks to the successful project, completed both on schedule and within budget. Simo Pynnönen, head of fundraising at The Guides and Scouts of Finland, acted as the project contact person and said the following: “Right from the start, collaboration with Into-Digital was flexible and clear. The online service that resulted from their skills and our collaboration seems to be breaking all of our previous online sales records. In addition, the new online services helped our internal order-delivery chain management process to take a giant leap forward.”

Into-Digital’s project contact person & CEO Aapo Mäki admires The Guides and Scouts of Finland’s ambition and courage in investing in the new “It is refreshing to see how well a traditional organization like The Guides and Scouts of Finland understands the significance of an online service with regard to sales. Based on our excellent collaboration, it’s no surprise that the online service is a roaring success.”

Shall we get to work?