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Plan International is a children’s rights organisation that is especially focused on improving the lives and protection of the girls in the most vulnerable position around the world. In 2020, the Plan improved the lives of 26.9 million girls and 24 million boys worldwide. Into-Digital revamped the website of Plan Finland’s organisation with the aim of taking Plan International Finland’s most important single communication and donation channel to a whole new level.

“Digital pioneering is one of our strategy’s main focuses. With Into-Digital, we got a new, modern, and user-oriented website. The team cooperated excellently starting from the design table all the way to the practical implementation. ”

Kalle Heino / Digital media producer, Plan International Finland

A colossal project as a basis for long-term cooperation

The new is not a standard website, but an extremely customised and highly extravagant WordPress website with exceptional content management capabilities. The required functionalities, content types and content presentation were carefully designed together with the Plan team in joined meetings at the early stages of the project.

The goal of Plan is to promote the girls rights, so the primary purpose of the web service is to guide users to donate in various ways and to inspire people to work for equality. This is pursued through strong CTA controls as well as high-quality content describing Plan’s operations.

“Every detail developed nicely during our joint sessions. Into-Digital was also able to understandably justify all solutions. Everything had been thought through carefully. ”

Kalle Heino / Digital media producer, Plan International Finland

Plan’s WordPress site includes:

  • Hundreds of pages
  • Numerous content types: pages, articles, Plan magazines, events, content producers, embeddable content modules, material bank, pop-up content
  • More than 20 content modules
  • Content taxonomy
  • Impressive mega-navigation
  • Proactive and categorical search
  • Graphic tools
  • Map functionality

A sturdy website is built in such a way that, despite its size and functionality, the site performs well in terms of both user-friendliness and search engine visibility:

Comprehensive content management tools with WordPress

Plan’s needs for the new website were extensive and thorough, as there is plenty of expertise in content production in-house. The aim was to nurture diverse content by designing and implementing solutions for web service content management that are unparalleled. Behind the curtain, the work is performed by WordPress’ Gutenberg tuned up with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plug-in for WordPress. There are plenty of specialties on Plan’s fresh WordPress site.

“The new shows in a rather indisputable way that WordPress actually bends in all possible positions. The project was very fruitful for our technical team. ”

Antti Lassila / CTO, Into-Digital

Modules, modules and modules

The pages of the new are built entirely from content modules. For example, the front page, content pages and campaign pages have been built utilising the page template. Over 20 modules give the content producer almost free hands in presenting the content.

As the website is mainly built on completely module-based pages, the need to manage modules on several pages from a one centralised location in content management system was identified. The content type is used, among other things, in the content management of the general activation and the general “tyttösponssi” highlights. This allows mass updates without having to update your content by visiting dozens of different pages individually. The feature also ensures that the content is up to date throughout the site.

The functionality is versatile, as the embeddable content module can be made from any of the over twenty modules implemented on the site.

Colour scheme

Complete site layout control without a single line of coding? Into’s got this! We designed and implemented very comprehensive capabilities to manage not only the content but also the layout of the site for Plan. In this way, the layout also flexibly adapts to the needs of different campaigns and themes.

For example, colors and the layout of graphics, images, and text can be chosen from the content manager.

A pop-up content type was also created for the website, allowing for customised display of pop-up content with a variety of display settings. For example, pop-ups can appear on the entire site or only on specific pages. The delay and recurrence of a pop-up can also be easily controlled.


User experience and user paths – how can we provide relevant content for the user? With the help of tools that allow you to present content conveniently and with a numerous different setting. The taxonomy of the site allows content to be displayed based on, for example, content type, keyword, or country. In this way, the contents of the same topic are linked to each other, and interesting content highlights on the screen direct the user forward on the site.

Copying a page

Isn’t it a little cumbersome to create a new page when you always have to add numerous modules to a blank page by hand?

This potential challenge was solved by allowing content management to copy any page of a website as a basis for a new page. This eliminates the need to add modules and their settings to new pages. Updating the content on the modules is the only job remaining for the content producer.

One of the most spectacular features of the website is the navigation tool, which allows the building of several mega-navigations. The tool can be used to build navigation paths that naturally guide the user and simultaneously add fixed links to “support navigation”. The cherry on top of the navigation cake is the ability for content managers to maintain CTA content in mega-navigation, such as an invitation to join as a “tyttösponssi”.

Total responsibility at the hands of Into-Digital

The project was designed and carried out in close and fruitful collaboration with the Plan team. Into-Digital was pleased to be responsible for:

1. Service design and definition

What is being done, why and how? Verification of objectives, possible research, customer insights, content, page templates and functionalities, technical specifications and boundary conditions.

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2. User interface (UI)

What does the website look like? The user interface of the online service is one of the most essential parts of the user experience of the web service. The first impression of a site is generated in 50 milliseconds.

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3. Technical design and implementation

A good plan only becomes a functioning web service with lines of code. We follow the best possible programming practices to ensure the functionality, security, and longevity of our customers’ web services.

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4. Integrations

The larger the web service, the more often there is a need for integrations. When it comes to websites, integrations are most often related to CRM systems or marketing automation systems.

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5. Further development and maintenance

Excellent website needs excellent care. In addition, it is important to analyse the functionality overall and in relation to the website goals, and to develop the service on the basis of the analysis.

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“The new site is a big technical leap to current time for us. Mobile usability and search engine optimization are now fully in line with today’s standards. ”

Jyrki Lappalainen / Web and analytics specialist, Plan International Finland

Investing towards better results

Ever since the beginning, it was important that the use of the website was smooth for different target groups, such as donors and those interested in Plan’s activities. The reliability and accessibility of the service wanted to be emphasised as well. The site does in fact meet the AA-level accessibility standards of WGAC 2.1.

Thanks to careful design and implementation, impressive user experience, and eye-catching layout, it is easy for the user to find an interesting donation recipient and related content.

Equality perspective:

“Our goal is to promote girls’ rights and equality. Our new web service guides users to donate in a variety of ways and inspires people to work for equality. The modern and user-driven pages provide clear and comprehensive information on girls’ rights, bringing equality issues to the attention of the general public in an understandable and easy way and providing opportunities for action. Therefore, they increase the chances of achieving equality.

We work with girls and young women in various developing countries around the world. We support girls’ voice and influence in their own communities and societies. We want to make their voices heard in Finland as well, and our new website offers diverse opportunities to bring out girls’ perspectives and ideas

We want to develop catalogues and representation related to development cooperation. These issues have been considered in the redesign of the site, and the new, modern site has made it possible to think and resolve issues related to this topic better.

As an organisation that promotes equality, we want to provide equal and accessible digital services to all, even if we are not required to do so by the Digital Services Act and the EU Accessibility Directive. Therefore, our new website largely meets the AA-level accessibility criteria we implemented in the online service renewal. (

On our website, we also summarise our various principles related to equality and the rights of the child: the principles of safe space and tips on how to take equality into account in our activities (, child protection guidelines ( / child protection guidelines /) and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, on which our work is based on (

The participation of young people has been taken into account on the website ( and mobile usability also meets the needs of young users.”

Kalle Heino, Plan International Suomi

“Plan promotes equality and non-discrimination. That is why we wanted the website to be accessible, even though we are not required to do so by law or the EU Accessibility Directive. With the help of Into-Digital, this was a great success. ”

Jyrki Lappalainen / Web and analytics specialist, Plan International Finland

Interesting cooperation between Into-Digital and Plan continues with the site maintenance and further development.

“From the beginning, Plan has been an important customer for us, both in terms of the scope and size of the web service and its brand value. I promised the Plan team from day one that we would give our everything to the project. I strongly believe that our passion for Plan’s operations can be felt from the end result in the way it deserves. ”

Aapo Mäki / CEO, Into-Digital

In charge of the project:

Ida Andersson

Service & Content Designer 040 024 2100

Ernesti Niemi

Digital Designer

Antti Lassila


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