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We oversaw the web service renewal of one of Finland’s most popular burger chains, Burger King. The aim was to develop the new site on the basis of customer feedback from its predecessor, and at the same time update the website to reflect the renewed brand image of the fast-food chain.

We also lightened the workload of administrators by paying special attention to the clarity and versatility of content management. The modest goal was to create the best Burger King site in the world.

What piques the interest of the user?

Users of the hamburger chain’s web service have clear needs that we identified with the Burger King representatives at the beginning of the project. These needs were nurtured at the heart of service design.

The three main uses for the website are:

  • Find a nearby restaurant and check its opening hours
  • Research on products and their allergens and nutritional values
  • Familiarising oneself with ongoing campaigns

Restaurants all over Finland

We made it easier to find restaurants with location search, which we implemented using Google’s geocoding interface. This allows the user to search for restaurants by address, location, or even a zip code. The search lists restaurants starting from the nearest, while simultaneously displaying opening hours clearly in the search results. Handy.

Burgers and other delicacies

For browsing Burger King’s wide range of products, we designed an e-commerce product filtering that allows the user to search for their favorite delicacies by product group and filter out products containing the allergens of their choice. In addition to the delicious product image, the product page itself clearly lists the ingredients, the nutritional values, and the allergens contained in the product. Easy and delicious!

“It is important that consumers who do not have the BK app can easily find restaurants and products online as well. I believe that the new, in line with the new brand image, perfectly meets this need. ”

Ernesti Niemi / Digital Designer, Into-Digital


Burger King is constantly running various promotional campaigns and the product selection is enhanced with a variety of seasonal products. Users are, of course, interested in the best deals, and the poor visibility of the campaigns was a recurring theme in the feedback from the old site. We solved the challenge by designing various highlighting elements and bringing the campaign section directly to the main menu of the site. We also designed a time counter that creates a buzz around a new product or a campaign launch. Tick tock, new products are coming!

Help the administrator’s daily life

We implemented Burger King’s new site on top of WordPress spiced with the Gutenberg block editor, which, in itself, provides clear and easy content management tools for the administrators. The modular page structure of different blocks is easy to use but it also gives the administrator the freedom to choose just the right presentation for each content in question. We increased the ease of use, for example, by bringing new brand colors to choose from in different modules, so that a suitable color can be found with one click.

Product information that used to be a headache is now flowing nicely from the cloud service through the interface to websites, and updates don’t need to be performed in multiple locations.

“From a technical point of view, the site is mostly quite simple but spiced up with a few specialties invisible to users. Burger King’s burgers have always suited my taste better than their competitors, so it was nice to code this! ”

Janne Hyyryläinen / Developer, Into-Digital

The satisfying result of the comprehensive project

We worked in close cooperation with the Burger King team from the first moment of the project to the planning of further development sites, and the collaboration continues with new ideas and maintenance.

The result of this commendable project is a web service that meets the user’s needs – directly without any unnecessary hassle. Did we succeed in our goal of making the best Burger King site in the world? See for yourself!

Explosive growth in the number of users

The performance and success of a web service in a consumer service like this is typically measured primarily by the number of visitors, but also by the quality of the visitors’ visits (duration, pages browsed…). All these results speak for themselves. Increase in traffic:

  • Three months before the release of new site vs. three months after release: + 927%
  • Three months after release vs. same interval in 2020: + 154%
  • Months (1-9 / 2021) before publication: about 50 thousand visitors per month. Months (10-12 / 2021) after publication: about 80 thousand visitors per month.

Visitors’ visits are also clearly of better quality: more time is spent on the web service, more pages are visited and there is an increase in commitment to the online service and conversions.


The budget for the whole project was below 28 000 €.

In charge of the project:

Ernesti Niemi

Digital Designer

Johanna Junolainen

Digital Designer

Arto Hautanen


Janne Hyyryläinen


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