Award-winning Museum of Contemporary Emotions for the Chamber of Government



“The virtual and engaging Museum of Contemporary Emotions is designed to support the reflection of the different feelings caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to the citizens. The museum, which combines science and art, captures the feelings experienced during the pandemic in Finland starting from March 2020.”

The Chamber of Government

Into-Digital was responsible for the technical implementation of the Museum of Contemporary Emotions. Behind the creative idea for the web service stands Hasan & partners – our dear partner, and one of the finest advertising agencies in our country. In addition, the project team included numerous researchers of the phenomena and people, artists, organisations and companies specialised in the field of information.

“The site has an exceptional user experience, and while content management is done in the typical way using the WordPress publishing system, the technical compilation of the Museum of Contemporary Emotions was undeniably a very interesting challenge for myself as well.”

Konsta Hallinen / Into-Digital, Developer

“The Museum of Contemporary Emotions is designed to support citizens in recovering from the crisis and, simultaneously, its purpose is to record exceptional time in an exceptional way. Mental crisis resilience is one of the seven vital functions of a society’s security strategy. Experiences of being heard and seen are important factors in maintaining mental resilience. The museum offers an opportunity for this and thus seeks to strengthen the resilience of the society.”

Päivi Tampere / Head of Communications, Finland Forward project.


The Museum of Contemporary Emotions is a completely custom-built web service with easy-to-use WordPress at its heart. A content management solution means that the customer can maintain the content of the online service independently and in its whole entity.

The museum is commissioned by the Chamber of Government’s Finland Forward project. The purpose of the project is to strengthen mental resilience through dialogue and campaigns that promote coping in everyday life.

Recognition for important work

The Museum of Contemporary Emotions was awarded in April 2022, at the Grand One gala competition, which promotes and celebrates the best of Finnish digital media. The awards were received in the Best Web Service and Best Service Design categories. The Grand One jury comment on the winner of the Best Web Service category as follows:

“The concept of this web service is different, topical, and important. A service done on the digital terms. The service also encourages people, who might otherwise be left alone with their feelings, to participate. A low threshold to join to the humanity’s collective memory through the emotions.”

Grand One jury

Three wins in the international Webby Awards competition

The Museum of Contemporary Emotions was selected as a candidate for the internationally leading Webby competition out of 14,000 works – and grabbed phenomenal three wins! In addition to winning the audience voted “The Webby People’s Voice Awards,” this current work won the Health & Science and Arts & Culture sections of the Virtual & Remote: Series.

The Webby Awards is a competition that honors the best of the Internet, competing in categories such as web services, virtual and remote implementations, and digital campaigns.

Success at the Vuoden Huiput competition

Finland’s most significant creative design competition Vuoden Huiput awarded silver (Hopeahuippu) for the Museum of Contemporary Emotions in the category Joker: Progress. The jury justified its decision with the following comments:

“Original idea and stylish execution. The nonlinearity of digital media has been well utilised in this work. The story is told in a rich and diverse way which is sure to evoke emotions in the target audience. The work has made extensive use of sound, moving image and text. ”

Vuoden Huiput jury

The aim of the Vuoden Huiput competition by Grafia is to strengthen creativity and originality, as well as to develop the professional skills of design and the designers.

In charge of the project:

Konsta Hallinen


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